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If you have an idea and want to change the world for the better, with the help of the "competition of ideas" you can become the initiator of changes.

Share with others

Tell your friends, acquaintances and even strangers about your idea, each supporter is important for the implementation of the initiative.

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Together we can bring a lot of good to the world, support ideas and be a part of change.

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Together, we can be the change!

Why do they trust us?

  • "Crowdfunding is an important alternative source of funding for beginning entrepreneurs, startups, civic initiatives, many such initiatives are not able to implement their ideas with their own financial resources, so the support of the general public is a great motivation and incentive to believe in your idea more and at the same time collect the initial capital for its implementation. In addition, I think with crowdfunding the received support is also a great responsibility for the author of the idea, you must justify the expectations of the donors, and this responsibility further accelerates the process of implementation of ideas."

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    Ana Chkhoidze

    Civil activist, participant of the "ideas competition"

  • "We can say that the trust expressed by USAID and "Orbeliani Meti" was more important than the grant amount. The participation of each supporter is important, because sometimes even each GEL is crucial in the implementation of the project. I would advise the authors of new ideas to introduce their venture to the public and use the opportunity of people's support. Changing the world is easier together!"

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    Giorgi Kiviladze

    Civil activist, participant of the "ideas competition"

  • "By supporting Orbeliani Meti, we showed the Georgian society that we are here too, we are citizens of Georgia, we love our country and care for it!"

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    Kamran Afandiev

    Civil activist

  • "Crowdfunding allows small groups and courageous citizens to connect with like-minded people"

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    Nana Bagalishvili

    Civil activist, participant of the "ideas competition"

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • For supporters
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How does the platform work?

Register on the Orbeliani Meti platform. Upload your idea, indicate the purpose of the project, the required amount of money to implement your project, and submit it to us.

You can offer supporters a “gift” in exchange for a donation. You have the flexibility to determine what you will provide in return for their contribution.

Each initiative will go through a selection stage where the financial aspects of the project and its sustainability will be evaluated.

After that, the ideas selected by the commission will be published on the platform, giving people the opportunity to learn about your project and, if they wish, make a donation to support the idea.

“Orbeliani Meti” will introduce your idea to the general public, but it’s essential to attract supporters for your project.

If the project is successful and the target amount is collected, the donation will be transferred to the account of the person responsible for the project.


Who can create/participate in a project?

Both individuals and initiative groups can participate.

Can I donate money anonymously?

Yes, you have the option to support your favorite project completely anonymously.

Which payment methods can I use?

You can deposit money through online banking using your card. Additionally, you can withdraw money using any bank card. If you are making a payment from abroad, you can utilize PayPal.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an innovative method for raising funds for various initiatives, including ventures, scientific research, projects, and most importantly, social ideas.

Its main essence is that it offers the opportunity to present your idea to a large number of potential financiers in the online space. The more financiers are interested, the more likely you are to collect the money needed to implement the idea.

Over a certain period of time, interested financiers transfer money to the author of the idea (or group of authors, company). The amount of money is determined by the financiers at their will.

Most crowdfunding platforms are built on a charitable or non-profit basis, with an emphasis on supporting projects that bring public benefit.

The advantage of crowdfunding is that it allows obtaining financing without the involvement of banks, various funds, and stock exchanges. It is a highly democratic method that allows individuals and organizations to initiate projects independently.

Additionally, crowdfunding enables project creators to easily and inexpensively spread their initiatives to reach a wide audience.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to promote positive change in Georgia by empowering individuals, women, youth, civic activists, social entrepreneurs, and community leaders who want to make a difference in their community, neighborhood, city, and country. We understand that many social initiatives, innovative ideas, inventions, and social enterprises often suffer from a lack of financial support. However, we firmly believe that there are many people in our country who are ready to support solid and useful ideas for the betterment of society, which is what the “Orbeliani Meti” platform aims to connect.

Our mission is to help people find the financial resources to turn their ideas into reality and, at the same time, promote the growth of social responsibility and raise awareness about the role of crowdfunding. By working together, we strive to create an ecosystem where social innovative ideas thrive, and people have the opportunity to change their community and society for the better as a whole.

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