What we do

Orbeliani Georgia is a non-governmental organization whose goal is to support social initiatives so that every citizen has the opportunity to change the life of his community/society for the better.


During the last five years, through the  Orbeliani Meti’s  online platform , many necessary, practical and creative ideas have been financed with financial resources obtained from international organizations and donor institutions.


Each initiative is created independently and different people stand behind it: filmmakers, musicians, artists and designers, students, young people, community leaders.
Since 2015, Orbeliani has spent 600,000 GEL on ideas with the support of the following donors: UNDP, SIDA, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Embassy of the Netherlands, EWMI Access program.


The popularity of  Orbeliani is growing, and so is the number of motivated people who want to change the environment for the better with small steps. But financial resources provided by international donors are not always sufficient for everyone/always available. That’s That’s why we decided to give the people themselves the opportunity to fund ideas that bring good to society;

Orbeliani Meti is a crowdfunding platform to support social initiatives and gather more support for good ideas.
Crowdfunding is a modern way of financing an idea through the online world. This is an opportunity to raise money with the help of the community. Each of us dreams of a better world, it is this spark of inspiration that can help a person to change a neighborhood, a village, a city or even a whole society!
It is a platform that brings together ideas, content, active people and their fans in the online world.
Our values
Be open
Orbeliani is as open an organization as we expect from our volunteers. We will do our best to make all our information available to anyone.
Learn and act
We always admit mistakes. We always strive to have effective feedback mechanisms available. Orbeliani responds to potential complaints/problems and applies preventive measures when necessary.
We are always open to receive anyone! Gender, religion, background, ethnicity, physical ability and other similar criteria do not matter.
Gender equality
We understand gender equality as equal rights, obligations and opportunities for both sexes.
We actively seek out and listen to people who have less influence or contacts. We also understand that each person we interact with has different experiences, pressures and interests. We respect each of them.
We are involved in an international organization that involves funding for more positive change! We will do our best to understand this “organism” well and play our part in a positive role in it. We also understand that we are part of a diverse and diverse ecosystem and are constantly mindful of the impact our activities can have on it.