It is a Platform that gives you the opportunity to turn an Idea into reality with the help of people.
Do you have an idea?
Do you want to do more?
Do you want more change in your environment?
More news?
More opportunities?
More challenges?
Then the Crowdfunding platform is for you!
Register on our site and share your idea with us so that we can make more positive changes together!
All projects should be defined with preliminary goals and specific time frames.
You can offer a “gift” to the donor in exchange for the donation and thank them with it. The definition of “gift” is up to you.
“Orbeliani” will evaluate the financial part of the project and the idea.
After the ideas selected by the commission are published on the platform, people will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the projects and, if approved, donate money for the implementation of a particular idea.
“Orbeliani” will introduce your idea to the general public, but you need to attract supporters for the idea.
If the project is successful and reaches the funding goal, the donated amount will be transferred to the account of the person responsible for the project.
With “Orbeliani Meti” you can help a friend, or to a person living in your village, or to any community member who has a good idea.

Participation is open to both individuals and initiative groups.

Any idea that can bring public good is funded, including social enterprises.
Do you wish to unite your friends to help green your city or neighborhood?
Or setting up a library in your village?
Building an app that unclogs traffic?
A device that measures air pollution?
Maybe you need money to organize a local festival?
Or do you want to update the museum in your region?
Maybe you want to turn the school into an energy efficient building?

What does your village, city, country need?

What is a social enterprise – it is an enterprise operating on business principles with a social mission.
A social enterprise has a dual purpose: economic and social. The most important of these is social. The economic goal is only a means to achieve the second, more important – social goal.
Therefore, its contribution to solving the social problem for which it was created is much more important.
Who are social entrepreneurs – Social entrepreneurs are people who take on themselves some risk of entrepreneurial activity for the benefit of society. They want to solve the most difficult social problems with innovative approaches. For them, it shows leadership and the ability to aim.

“Orbeliani Meti” allows you to get money as soon as possible, because we understand that any project is limited in time.
Once the target amount is collected, you can request a withdrawal.
For this you need to add your bank account to the system. “Orbeliani Meti” will deposit 90 % of the received amount, and you will receive the remaining 10 % six months after the deposit in accordance with the regulations of TBC Bank.
The bank transaction will take 2-3 days and the amount will already be reflected in your account.

It’s important to get the word out about your idea as much as possible, whether it’s through social media, TV shows, or other activities.

What happens if not enough funds have been raised?
After submitting a revised project and demonstrating that the funds will be used strategically while taking into consideration the available financial resources, you will be given the collected funds. To inform your funders of the change, a revised version of the project will be sent to them and placed on your page.

If you have a great idea but don’t have the money to make it happen, then crowdfunding is for you.

Does the time limit apply to ideas posted on the Orbeliani Meti platform?
It is essential that the submitted idea has a pre-defined time frame/limit that you set.

As a result of cooperation with local self-government and/or international organizations, “Orbeliani” can periodically co-finance some initiatives. If the author of the idea is able to collect at least 50 % of the target amount through the platform, the remaining 50% will be financed by the money sought from the “Orbeliani” donor institute.
Co-sponsored ideas are marked with a special sign.
Co-funding is an incentive for idea authors to be more successful in raising funds.
Co-financed projects are selected based on consultation with the financing organization.

What can I set as a gift?
This is a token gift offered in exchange for a donation.
You can offer different gifts to the supporter according to the size of the donation.
The reward can be a product you create (in the case of a social enterprise) or any gift thematically related to your idea.
Also, don’t forget to send a thank you note to any of your donors!
The author of the idea ensures delivery of the gift to the donor.
“Orbeliani Meti” does not take responsibility for the delivery of the gift and neither
To cover courier or transport services.

The minimum donation is 1 GEL.
The secret of crowdfunding is in mobilizing supporters.
If you get the love of thousands of supporters, 1 Lari can give your idea wings.
In addition, we thereby enable anyone to become a participant in a good cause.

The maximum amount you can request for the implementation of your idea on our platform is 10,000 GEL.

You can donate to your favorite project anonymously.

You can deposit money through online banking using your card. Online transaction is done through TBC Bank and payment fee is 2%.

Orbeliani Meti uses the best in crowdfunding platform technology between the existing system, which TBC Bank
is carried out through. Donations made online to your idea are protected until you are ready to transfer money.
Security of financial transactions is ensured by TBC Bank. Your transaction is as secure as any other transaction you make through this bank.

The main benefit is the same for everyone – more change that brings the public good.
However, in addition to the mentioned general usefulness, it will depend on the authors of the idea what they will offer to people in exchange for the paid money.

You can modify or cancel the amount before you finish the donation.

Orbeliani Georgia has been funding social initiatives for more than five years and has a very good experience of evaluating and monitoring  projects. Before publishing an idea on the platform, Orbeliani checks the author of the idea, considers its practical side, requests additional documentation if necessary, and only then publishes it on the platform.
In addition, all co-funded ideas are directly monitored by our team to support the idea’s author and verify the intended use of the donation, including checking financial documentation.
Also, the author of the project is obliged to make a final report in the form of a post on the platform to ensure maximum transparency and accountability.
Project report, including financial part, to all donors by email will be sent on request.

There is a standard TBC Bank commission of 2% for bank transactions made from Georgia, and a 2.5% rate applies for transfers from abroad. This is entirely a bank service fee.
At this stage, the platform does not have a defined service fee and its support is voluntary. However, we hope you will support  Orbeliani and determine the amount of the donation yourself, which will help the platform develop further and support even more ideas.

There are many motivated and creative people in Georgia who want to change their neighborhood, city or country for good.
Many social initiatives, innovative ideas, inventions or social enterprises die due to insufficient funds. However, we hope that in our country, there will be many people who want to save interesting and beneficial ideas for society and encourage such people.
Orbeliani Meti was created precisely to unite them in one space.
More ideas, more changes, more supporters.

Orbeliani works with various international organizations to raise funds for civil activism.
Financial transparency on our online platform is important to us. Cost estimates for each funded project are outlined, and audited annual financial reports are available on our website at www.orbeliani.net.
Crowdfunding direction of  Orbeliani  is supported by the United Nations Development Program and “East-West Management Institute”.
In addition, in order for the platform to continue functioning and new features to be added, your support is important. We hope that you will also donate money for the development of the platform during the transfer.
Donation is voluntary.
The donation will publish a monthly report on the Orbeliani Meti platform.

Crowdfunding has become one of the successful ways to attract investments for various initiatives (business, scientific, personal, etc.).
Its main essence is that you have the opportunity to present your idea to a large number of potential financiers in the online space. the more the financier will be interested, it will increase the chance to collect the necessary amount for the implementation of the idea.
Over a period of time, interested financiers will contact the author of the idea (or
the group of authors, the company) are credited with the amount. The amount of money is determined by the financiers at their will.
Basically, most crowdfunding websites are based on the principle of charity or some non-profit benefit.
The advantage of crowdfunding is that it is possible to obtain financing without the participation of banks, various funds and stock exchanges. This is a more democratic method.
Crowdfunding allows a project to be launched without credit. This is also a great PR excuse. You are allowed to distribute the project without additional costs.

There are several types of crowdfunding:
  1. Reward-free/donation-based: Your fans contribute money to implement the idea and receive no reward in return.
  2. Non-monetary reward: This can be any card, video thanking the donor, or gift you send to the donor in exchange for the donation.
  3. Financial reward: In this case, large investors receive a percentage of revenue and sales. In part, this type of “crowdfunding” is used in the financing of films, games and applications, music albums.

Bank transactions made from Georgia are subject to TBC Bank’s standard commission of 2%, which is charged to individual donors, and in the case of transfers from abroad, a 2.5% rate applies. This is entirely a bank service fee.