Terms of use

The agreement between you and “Orbeliani Meti” governs the terms of your use of the platform, including the use of materials and information, your rights and the functionality that allows you to receive a donation, make a donation, create an account, start a project and use other similar functionality on the site.


    1. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
    2. When paying, you acknowledge and agree that you are of legal age and sign the contract with “Orbeliani Georgia”. If you are making an application or donation on behalf of an organisation, you ensure that you are a duly authorized representative to act on behalf of the company/organisation.
    3. “Orbeliani Georgia” reserves the right to amend the agreement after a certain period of time and publish it only on this platform.
    4. “Orbelian Georgia” has the right to make changes to the site and does not undertake to save the content submitted by you without prior notice.


You agree and acknowledge that:


       –  You provide us with accurate information;

       –  That you have the right to share this information;

       –  You are responsible for protecting your profile;


Rules of conduct on the site:


You agree that you will not post or distribute:

1.1. Post that contains hate speech, derogatory or threatening content, false or misleading information;

1.2. Anything that is not protected by patent, copyright, or copyright, without the permission of the person holding the right;

1.3. Material that promotes terrorist or criminal activity that promotes violence.


Termination of the contract:


2.1. The contract is valid until its termination.

2.2. “Orbeliani Georgia” has the right to restrict your access to the Service if you violate this Agreement. Orbeliani Georgia is not obliged to notify you in advance.


For donors:


3.1. Terms of payment are specified on the website. You can only pay by card or transfer directly to the “Orbeliani Meti” account if you indicate the title of the project when transferring.

3.2. We try to make the information about the authors of the idea, the goals, the progress of the project as accurate as possible, and we check the validity of the author of the project before publication. Also, the target amount of the project can be changed due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of GEL or at the request of the project author.

3.3. You undertake to use only your personal card or your personal financial account when paying.

3.4. “Orbeliani Georgia” does not return the donation.

3.5. “Orbeliani Georgia” will change the target project of the donation if the author of the target project refuses to accept the money. In agreement with you, “Orbeliani Georgia” will transfer the amount to another project with a similar content/purpose.


Use of Information You Share:


4.1. Our privacy policy governs the rights to use personal information. When you agree to the terms of use of the Service, you also agree to the terms of this document.

4.2. Content uploaded to your page must be your own and not violate copyright.

4.3. “Orbeliani Georgia” has the right to correct the information or delete it if we believe that the content violates copyright or contains threats, calls for violence.

4.4.”Orbeliani Georgia” has the right to use the content uploaded by you to promote your project and platform.




5.1. You are personally responsible for protecting your personal account, email, password data and must not share it with any third party.

5.2. TBC Bank is responsible for the security of the card and financial transactions, and “Orbeliani Georgia” does not have access to your card data.


Proper operation of the site:


6.1. We will do our best to keep the site up and running without interruption. But there may be errors in the operation of the site. If you find any, please contact us.


General provisions:


7.1. “Orbeliai Georgia” may change the terms of use of the site and the published notice only electronic notice on the same site..

7.2. “Orbeliani Georgia” does not undertake to deliver a gift to the donor in exchange for the donation. The author of the idea is entirely responsible for the offer and delivery of the gift. The donor and the author of the idea agree on the terms of gift delivery individually.

7.3. “Orbeliani Georgia” undertakes to check the implementation of the financed project and to send the financial statement document of the target project to the donor in case of such a request.

7.4. “Orbeliani Georgia” undertakes to check the validity of the project and has the right, if necessary, to request the submission of additional information before publishing the idea.